Matthew T Rader Wedding Photographer

Photo by Hiram Trillo

Living in Mexico for 4 1/2 years in my early twenties radically changed the way I saw and experienced life. I saw how people there routinely celebrated life, relationships, new beginnings, birthdays, etc. I loved it and participated in it fully. When I moved back to Texas I brought that celebratory spirit with me along with my new found love of photography.

I see weddings much more than just ceremonies, I see them as a celebration of life and love. A wonderful gift from God. The coming together of not only two people, but two entire families. They are the beginning of new generations to come.

I bring these perspectives and attitudes to each wedding I photograph. I approach weddings with a photojournalistic style, focusing on candid moments that capture the emotion and beauty of the day.

Wedding Packages start at $2,500. I have a variety of packages available to share with you. Contact me about your plans to learn more about what I have to offer.

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