Broken TV

Urban Exploration Dallas: The White Rock Trail and Toscana Apartments

I did a little urban exploration Dallas and captured some haunting images at the abandoned apartments on Skillman Ave. called White Rock Trail and Toscana Frequently I drive up and down Skillman Avenue, every time I pass the White Rock Trail and Toscana apartments I see those abandoned buildings and my mind wonders about the people who used to live… Read more →

Children's Painting of the Dallas Skyline

Lakewood Elementary Art Auction

A little while back, Blis Freeman, a parent who’s a part of the Lakewood Elementary School PTA in Dallas contacted me about a photo I took of the Dallas Skyline at night. She explained to me that she started a program four years ago where they create works of art with the students and auction them off at the Lakewood… Read more →

Rusty Billboard Urbex in Dallas, Texas

Rusty Billboard

Sometimes I just love doing Urbex photography. Today I found this old and rusty billboard hovering above a vacant parking lot in Dallas. I thought it would make for some interesting black and white photos. No Trespassing? The photographer’s invitation, haha! For any questions or if you need a photographer for your professional headshot, portrait, wedding, or event: Please contact… Read more →

Dallas Storm

Dallas Storm

Yesterday when I heard about the impending storm approaching Dallas I got really excited, I wanted to get some cool storm photographs. I packed up my camera and dove to downtown Dallas. I found a building I was able to get into and found an empty floor that had been completely stripped bare. I was able to get a few… Read more →

West Texas Sunrise

Texas Landscapes

Here are some Landscape photos I have taken in Texas throughout the past few years. I love the beauty, vastness and variety of Texas. I think it’s such an awesome state with so much to explore and see. I hope you enjoy these photos. Decorate your home or office with these one of a kind Fine Art Prints. Professional art… Read more →

Dallas Commute on Central Expressway

Commuting In Dallas

On my way to UT Dallas this morning I thought the traffic with that church in the distance looked pretty cool just after sunrise. I was headed north on 75. I love driving in the rain and listening to Moby’s Play album as I do. I also like driving in the rain because of all the cool reflections that are… Read more →