25 Random Facts About Me And My Life Not Many People Know

25 random facts about me and my life that many people do not know about me, even close family and friends.

25 Random Facts About Me

Some friends were making posts about 25 random facts about them. I thought it would be fun to do one too.

My 25 Random Facts:

  1. I’ve lived in three different countries more for than a year
  2. I’ve been to 42 U.S. States and 14 states in Mexico
  3. I read, write, understand, and speak Spanish fluently
  4. I’ve traveled from Acapulco, Mexico to Juneau, Alaska by sea
  5. Everywhere I go I like to try the local beer
  6. I can identify and say the botanical name of hundreds of plants
  7. I’m a good swimmer
  8. I can greet people in English, Spanish, French, Mayan, Bulgarian, Serbian, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  9. I can make many cocktails including martinis
  10. I’m the oldest of six kids
  11. I’ve been in 7 car wrecks, 4 of them the car I was in was totaled, three I was driving, and two were my fault
  12. I’ve never had stitches or broken a bone or have spent the night in a hospital
  13. I won first place in a poetry contest at a college in Alabama
  14. I’ve shook hands with George W. Bush, Coolio, Alec Baldwin, Jason Kidd, and Mark Cuban
  15. I don’t own a TV
  16. I’ve been bitten by many different animals including snakes, a pit bull, cats, a possum, a fish, spiders, and I have been stung by numerous of bees and wasps.
  17. I have been on a beach with a wild crocodile once.
  18. I’ve piloted a plane, twice, a single engine
  19. I have hitch hiked in Mexico
  20. I’ve paid my way out of a speeding ticket in Mexico, several times
  21. I used to have a license to drive a 44 passenger bus.
  22. When I go to the beach I don’t bring a towel cause I like to lay in the sand and walk to dry off
  23. I’ve have ridden in a taxi hundreds of times
  24. I’ve read over 80 books, with a wide variety of genres
  25. I love dancing

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