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25 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’ve lived in three different countries more for than a year
  2. I’ve been to 42 U.S. States and 14 states in Mexico
  3. I read, write, understand, and speak Spanish fluently
  4. I’ve traveled from Acapulco, Mexico to Juneau, Alaska by sea
  5. Everywhere I go I like to try the local beer
  6. I can identify and say the botanical name of hundreds of plants
  7. I’m a good swimmer
  8. I can greet people in English, Spanish, French, Mayan, Bulgarian, Serbian, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  9. I can makes many cocktails including martinis
  10. I’m the oldest of six kids
  11. I’ve been in 7 car wrecks, 4 of them the car I was in was totaled, three I was driving, and two were my fault
  12. I’ve never had stitches or broken a bone or have spent the night in a hospital
  13. I won first place in a poetry contest at a college in Alabama
  14. I’ve shook hands with George W. Bush, Coolio, Alec Baldwin, Jason Kidd, and Mark Cuban
  15. I don’t own a TV
  16. I’ve been bitten by many different animals including snakes, a pit bull, cats, a possum, a fish, spiders, and I have been stung by numerous of bees and wasps.
  17. I have been on a beach with a wild crocodile once.
  18. I’ve flown a plane, twice, a single engine
  19. I’ve hitch hiked in Mexico
  20. I’ve paid my way out of a speeding ticket in Mexico
  21. I used to have a license to drive a 44 passenger bus.
  22. When I go to the beach I don’t bring a towel cause I like to lay in the sand and walk to dry off
  23. I’ve have gone in a taxi probably hundreds of times
  24. I’ve read over 80 books, all kinds of books
  25. I love dancing

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