A Photo Book Highlighting The Process Of Photography Not The Result

“Finding The One” is a photo book that highlights the art and process of photography instead of focusing on the final result.

“Finding The One,” A Photo Book by Matthew T Rader

Usually, when a person reads a photo book, they are only getting to see the photographer’s best work. Work that is curated by the photographer and editors. The reader most likely will never see the “bad photos” or the photos the photographer did not like. The photographer usually deletes or archives those photos, to rarely be seen.

The photographer usually decides for the reader which photos they will see in their book. The viewer sees only the photos the photographer wants them to see because the other photos are hidden away. There’s an entire another part of the process and journey that is not revealed to the viewer. The process of making photos, culling the images, and then editing.

Exploring The Process Of Photography

In Finding The One, I want the reader to have a fuller perspective of the process of photography. First, there are the photos I took while walking around downtown Dallas during and immediately after a rainstorm. I show all the photos from the one photo walk, mass amounts of them and unedited. I also want the reader to get a sense of how many photos I took while on my walk. And to see how repetitious and full of failure a shoot can be.

Secondly, there is the narration of my thoughts as I walked around Dallas. The viewer can read my thoughts as they view the images. I then reveal more about my process by placing handwritten notes on top of the photos. These notes represent my selection process. By allowing the reader to view all my images, I let them decide which photos they like from my photo walk. I designed this book to give the reader a fuller and richer experience of what the art and process of photography are like.

A Photo Book Highlighting The Process Of Photography
Find The One, Photo Book by Matthew T Rader
“Finding The One”

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