A Stop-Motion Animation Movie About A Ninja Turtle’s Dream

This is a stop-motion animation that explores the dreams of a toy Ninja Turtle until the dream is abruptly ended by his unexpected death.

This stop-motion animation art video is of a journey through the dreams of a toy Ninja Turtle. The story starts off with him and bar and after drinking too much he collapses onto the floor. He then goes home in his drunkenness and climbs into bed.

When the dream begins the Ninja Turtle is disoriented and quickly realizes he’s missing his arms and legs. He’s missing parts of who he is. After a brief struggle, he begins to look for the missing pieces of himself. Becasue his arms and legs are missing, he must crawl everywhere he goes, begging for mercy.

At each phase of the dream, he encounters a unique situation leaving him vulnerable, afraid, and lost. He is overwhelmed and terrified by his utter helplessness to fix himself on his own. As he discovers each part of himself he must rely on other toys’ willingness to give him the parts he wants back. Little by little he gathers each piece of himself. For his last part, a leg he must fight for it with all his might. He wins his leg back and stands up. He feels whole and victorious, this is what he had been longing for all his life.

The dream then abruptly ends. Sadly, the dream doesn’t end because he woke up, it ends because he died.


Matthew T Rader – Director & Photographer
Bailey Stearns – Concept Artist
Blair Collum – Sound Designer & Casting
Mathias Ybarra – Animator

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