Entertainment Makes Us Live Passively And Miss Out On Real Adventures

Entertainment, when consumed a lot, causes us to live our brief lives passively and give up the adventures we could have had.

Entertainment Makes Us Live Passively And Miss Out On Our Own Adventures
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Movies and TV seem to encourage people to live life passively. And according to some research in Australia, it shortens your life. To just sit there, hours at a time, watching other people experience adventures. They make those adventures seem out of reach, and they are when you are just sitting there.

When you get up and move, and take action they aren’t that far out of reach at all. Instead you sit there watching entertaiment while spending your money so you can idly let life pass right by. Where our memories are centered more around film than actual experiences. The thought of letting life just fly by while I sit in my chair is actually frightening to me. And according to some research in Australia, watching TV a lot shortens your life.

That is probably one of my deepest fears. When I’m old, I come to the realization that I spent most of my life in a chair in front of the TV or computer. Realizing that most of my memories are of favorite shows instead of favorite places and people I got to know. It actually gives me a little bit of anxiety just thinking about that.

I think that another reason why I love photography. It helps give me a reason to talk to strangers, visit new places, pay attention to small moments, and just express myself artistically. It’s such a gift having something like photography to give me a meaningful way to experience and enjoy life outside of my living room.

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