Alchemy, Though Impossible, We Can Apply It To Our Hopes And Dreams

Alchemy is impossible, but we can apply the concept of turning something basic into something valuable to our hopes and dreams.

Alchemy: We Can Apply It To Our Hopes And Dreams

A few years ago I read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and it made me think a lot about my dreams and aspirations. We all have dreams or have had dreams at some point in our lives. Some have realized their dreams, some are still working on their dreams, and others have just let their dreams fade away.

Our dreams are so much like the leaves that dangle from the limbs of trees, so green and raw, ready to be transformed into something more.  The leaves that hang on through nature’s storms experience a colorful transformation towards the end of the year when the cold begins to arrive. They then let go and gracefully drift to the ground feeding the earth and continuing to give life to all that exist nearby.

I love nature, I love observing her and seeing how her lessons teach me about life. Nature is also an alchemist, turning beautiful green leaves into wonderful shades of gold. She used alchemy by transforming from one beauty into another, constantly amazing us. So similar are our dreams, let us hang on to them, work hard for them, and when the time comes, joyfully let go of them so others may reap the benefits of our success and empower others to realize their dreams.

My dream is to be a professional wedding and event photographer here in Dallas and use my art to inspire others and help them remember some of the best moments of their lives.

What is your dream?


  1. It’s really poetic how you wrote it and I LOVED IT!! Great pic by the way, I remember you telling me about it and it really is beautiful!
    Your grammer checker.

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