“Life’s Better When We’re Connected” Ad Campaign by Bank of America

Life's better when we’re connected Bank of America Ad campaign
“Life’s better when we’re connected” Bank of America Ad campaign

New “Life’s better when we’re connected” Ad Campaign

“Life’s better when we’re connected” is a new slogan and ad campaign recently launched by Bank of America. As part of their new campaign, Bank of America released several video ad spots.

I believe Bank of America made a great move with their “Life’s better when we’re connected” advertising campaign. Instead of bombarding customers and potential customers with tons of forgetful informative and persuasive ads, they are taking a different and softer approach. As you watch the videos you can but help related to it. They are showing this family as it has gone through hard and good times and touches you. It is emotionally touching, it reminds you of your dreams, your loves, your ups, and your downs.

“Portraits” Video

The one called “Portraits” already has over 600,000 views on YouTube. The video starts off with an older couple taking a self-portrait in their living room and then it goes through the generations of families. As you watch the video, you can see the couple get younger. It moves backward in time, shows their kids and grandkids. Initially, what the commercial is advertising is not clear. Towards the end of the one-minute video, the Bank of America logo comes on screen and the narrator says, “We know we’re not the center of your life, but we’ll do our best to help you connect to what is” (Thielman 2013).

For a financial institution, this is a very unique approach to advertising. Instead of boasting about specific services, they have themselves almost invisible in this video. They made the spot wonderfully, with great actors and an excellent director. It also shows the passing of time well. Bank of America also released several other video ads in conjunction with “Portraits” that do emphasize their various services more (Theilman 2013).

Bank of America waited till the end to let the viewer know what the commercial is about. This type of storytelling makes the viewer’s defenses go down and therefore get them more involved. After you have enjoyed that whole minute Bank of America reminds us how in the background of life they have been there all along, helping make it all happen. This video is clearly using reminder advertising.

Reminder Advertising

I believe their use of reminder advertising in these promotions are very effective and well done. When an existing customer of Bank of America watches the commercial, they will be reminded of many of the moments in life they’ve lived through. And how Bank of America was always there and dependable. It also helps existing customers feel nostalgic about their ban. Which is a very unique and strong feeling to feel about a bank. The other effect it has on their existing customers, it helps them feel proud of their bank. Which could lead to them encouraging their family members to use their banking services as well.

For potential customers, this commercial could be very effective. I could cause them to think more about how their relationship with their bank affects their family. I wonder the the “Portraits” commercial will also provoke feelings of nostalgia in some of the viewers. Also, it makes some feel the fear of missing out because they did not bank with Bank of America. I’m suspect that many of the viewers will remember that commercial for some time and how it impacted them. Much more so than the typical informative commercials other banks air.


Bank of America’s new ad campaign, “Life’s better when we’re connected,” centers on connecting people. It is a powerful campaign that will remind their customers why they are loyal and encourage them to continue to be so. Their “Portraits” video is written and executed well. It will surely generate pride in their customers. It could also excite potential customers to check out their banking services. As the story moves from generation to generation in the video, most viewers will be reminded of the importance of their relationships with their family and bank.


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