Trees In Lake Ray Hubbard Contrast Starkly Against The Muddy Water

The fallen trees in Lake Ray Hubbard become stark silhouettes as they lay in the muddy water with their roots tethered to the shore.

Dallas Winter Storm Photos 2021, A City Covered With Snow

These Dallas winter storm photos 2021 capture the city covered with snow, the Dallas Skyline, Uptown, Old East Dallas, City Place, and 75.

Dallas Snow Storm 2021, Photos Of Downtown And Deep Ellum At Night

Dallas snow storm 2021 covered DFW in over 5 inches of snow, here are night photos of downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum covered with snow.

Jefferson Boulevard Street Photography in Oak Cliff, Dallas

On Jefferson Boulevard, the blend of American and Mexican culture all along its street is awesome and worth experiencing.

2020 Best Photos: A Review Of My Best Photos From This Past Year

My 2020 best photos are of an insane year. Despite there being lockdowns there was no shortage of things and people to photograph.

Snow Piles in Downtown Chicago, Cold Organic Shapes In A Cold City

The Snow piles scattered around Chicago really intrigued me, their organic shapes contrasted with the rigid structures of the city.

Empty Streets of Chicago, The Cold Last Two Days Of 2020

The empty streets of Chicago in these 30 photos during the very cold last two days of 2020 are stark contrasts between eerie and beautiful.

A White Christmas In Holland, Michigan And Surrounding Towns

The White Christmas in Holland, Michigan was so beautiful this year. Check out the photos I made of that magical day.

The “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” In Indianapolis At Night

The Indianapolis “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” is 284 feet tall. But, the Christmas tree is actually not a Christmas tree…

What Are The Types Of Photos People Remember Most?

The types of photos people remember most are the ones of our fellow humans. The lest memorable photos are ones that depict a landscape.

What Is A Memorable Photo?

A Memorable photo is worth remembering, especially because it’s special or unusual. But what makes us remember one photo more than another?