Cancun Street Art, Graffiti, And Murals Painted On Walls Around The City

Cancun street art, graffiti, and murals painted on walls around the city address a range of issues that include local and global politics.

A mural of a brunette woman by street artist Sony Montana in Cancun
A mural of a brunette woman by street artist Sony Montana in Cancun

When I lived in Cancun for several years I become obsessed with photographing all of the street art, graffiti, and murals I discovered. I would go on long walks just to capture all the street art I could find. I used to have hundreds of photos of them but unfortunately, I had several CDs of photos stolen from me a month before I came back to the US. Unfortunately, I ended up losing the majority of those photos except for 23 of them. Fortunately, I still had my favorite ones because I had uploaded them to Flickr.

The street art ranged from hilarious to very political, from sexy to aggressive. They all had a message and I loved seeing them. These murals were sometimes painted over within days of being put up. A lot of these murals were painted by very well-known Cancun street artists. The only name I remember is Sony Montana, he created some of the most amazing street art that existed in Cancun. His Instagram is @sonymontanacans. He painted the mural above, the anti-Iraqi war mural below, and the mural of the redhead woman below. I wish I had spent more time getting to know the street art scene while I was there.

Aztec Dream mural
A crazy clown mural in Cancun
A mural of a redhead woman by street artist Sony Sony Montana in Cancun
Graffiti and a mural on a house in Cancun

Political Cancun Street Art

An anti Iraqi war mural by street artist Sony Montana in Cancun, Mexico
An protest mural in Cancun, Mexico
An environmentalist mural in Cancun, Mexico

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