Photos: Commuting In Dallas

Dallas Commute on Central Expressway

On my way to UT Dallas this morning I thought the traffic with that church in the distance looked pretty cool just after sunrise. I was headed north on 75.

I love driving in the rain and listening to Moby’s Play album as I do. I also like driving in the rain because of all the cool reflections that are made in the street. I was on Northwest Highway turning onto the Dallas North Tollway when I tool this photo.

I used to think road signs were necessary evils, which they probably are. But since our cities are so full of them everywhere you look, they are part of the views and landscapes of cities. I think in many ways it’s important to integrate road signs into photos when photographing a city since they are huge part of every city.

Exit Lemmon Avenue

Commuting in Dallas is interesting to me, for whatever reason it doesn’t bore me, nor does it bother me. I enjoy the time I spend in my car, listening to the radio, my iPhone or just the noise of my engine and traffic.

Commuting in Dallas on 75

I photographed these cars on Campbell Road on my way to the University of Texas at Dallas.

Commuting in Dallas on Campbell Rd.

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