Commuting In Dallas On The Many Streets, Highways, And Tollways

Commuting in Dallas at sunrise
Commuting in Dallas at sunrise

Commuting in Dallas can be extremely boring, after spending so much time commuting I decided to capture some of the sights on my drives. I like to try to find interesting things in some of the most mundane aspects of life. Even though Dallas is a flat and built-up city, if you look closely you will discover some pretty cool things and sights.

Commuting in Dallas is interesting to me, for whatever reason it doesn’t bore me, nor does it bother me. I enjoy the time I spend in my car, listening to the radio, my iPhone, or just the noise of my engine and traffic. This week I decided to do some street photography from my car to capture the essence of commuting and the things I see almost every day.

The Dallas skyline while commuting
Driving up highway 75 North in the morning
Evening commute down Royal lane
Royal Lane and Greenville Ave intersection in the evening
Dallas construction on Interstate 35 East
Commuting in Dallas on a foggy day
A red car driving on highway 75

I used to think road signs were necessary evils, which they probably are. But since our cities are so full of them everywhere you look, they are part of the views and landscapes of cities. I think in many ways it’s important to integrate road signs into photos when photographing a city since they are a huge part of every city.

Driving through Trinity Groves area
Common sites when driving around Dallas
A semi going under a bridge on highway 75
Mexican restaurant off of 66
Commuting on a highway 30 bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard
Dallas traffic
Driving at night

Commuting over highway bridges

Massive highway bridges under construction
Bridges and highways in Dallas
Driving under a bridge on 635
Overlapping bridges on highway 75

Commuting in Dallas on highway 635

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