Photos: Dallas Skyline

Dallas Skyline in 2010
Dallas Skyline in 2010

About a year ago when I moved to Dallas I visited a levy of the Trinity River and took this photo of the skyline of my new home. This year in Dallas had been a very eventful and interesting one.

Just in the past twelve months, I’ve changed jobs twice, moved twice, got married and started my photography company. I’m so grateful and excited for all that has happened. I really look forward to another year here in Dallas.

I have a feeling that as I get the ball rolling with my company that it’s going to move forward quickly. I guess that’s how everyone feels about their company, just like how everyone thinks their baby is the cutest baby ever, haha!

I feel like that small bird in the photo flying over the Trinity River headed for the Dallas skyline, so small compared to the big city but headed in the right direction.

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