Dallas Skyline Panoramic Photos At Night And During Dramatic Sunsets

Dallas Skyline panoramic photos that capture the city’s renowned skyline at night and during dramatic and colorful sunsets.

Dallas skyline panorama during dramatic sunset
Dallas skyline panorama during dramatic sunset

When I lived near downtown Dallas I would climb to the roof of my apartment complex to take photos sometimes. Especially on evenings with dramatic sunsets. I loved making photos of the Dallas skyline from up there.

To do it, I had to drive to the top of the parking garage. Then back my truck up as close to the roof as I could. Afterwards, I would use my tailgate to climb from the truck to the roof. Fortunately, the roof was really big and easy to walk on. I was always worried I would get caught but I amazingly never did.

Downtown Dallas panorama at sunset

I took this photo from the top of a parking garage across the street from a hotel I had to stay in because my apartment was flooded during the winter storm in February.

This photo is my favorite. I took this from the roof of my apartment as well. This is a verticle panorama of the Dallas skyline capturing the crescent moon right above it. You can also see Jupiter and Saturn near the moon. The shooting star-looking object is a plane flying through the sky, I believe, that coincidentally flew by as I took that photo.

Dallas Skyline Panoramic Photos At Night


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