Dallas Snow 2021, Photos Of Downtown And Deep Ellum At Night

Dallas snow 2021 covered DFW in over 5 inches of snow, here are night photos of downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum covered with snow.

The Dallas snow of 2021 covered DFW in over 5 inches of snow. It’s the most snow Dallas has had in almost 10 years. The rare sight of seeing Dallas covered with snow is always a treat. It temporarily transforms the city into another place. A place covered with a white blanket, sparse traffic, and bundled up people. It’s days like this that make cold winters worth it. I hate cold weather, except when it snows, then I love it.

Ross Avenue:

Ross Avenue in Dallas covered with snow at night

Several years ago, in 2015, I took photos of downtown Dallas after a bad ice storm with the entire city, including the highways, completely empty of traffic here: Dallas Ice Storm Causes The City To Become A Ghost Town. I also took photos of the Dallas covered with snow during the day here: Dallas Winter Storm Photos 2021.

Downtown Dallas Snow Photos

When the storm eased up and it got late with few cars on the road I went out driving around downtown and Deep Ellum taking photos. I zigzagged all through downtown capturing how beautiful the snow looked. There were an endless amount of photo opportunities. I stopped at almost every block and photographed the streets, cars, and buildings covered with snow.

Toller Patio bar with their pink neon sign in the snow
Ross Avenue in the snowstorm
Dallas skyline at night
Dallas arts district at night
A car covered with snow in downtown Dallas
Downtown Dallas Snowstorm 2021
St. Paul Street in Dallas
Akard Street in downtown Dallas
First National Bank Tower lights at night in the 2021 snowstorm
Bank of America Plaza with red lights at night on a snowy evening
City of Dallas flag posts at night in the snow
Dallas City Hall at night in the 2021 snowstorm
Downtown Dallas at night in a snowstorm
Old red pickup covered with snow in the Farmers Market in Dallas
Farmer’s market in Dallas

Deep Ellum Snow Photos

After downtown, I went to Deep Ellum to capture photos of it covered in pristine snow. Fortunately, there was very little traffic which left the roads looking mostly undisturbed. The character of Deep Ellum was a stark contrast with the huge buildings and lights of downtown. The snow and fog made it look like a quaint little Texas town.

Entrance to Deep Ellum at night
Deep Ellum, TX mural
Deep Ellum at night in the snow
An alley in Deep Ellum, Dallas
Snow piled up on the sidewalk in Deep Ellum
Deep Ellum at night
Main Street In Deep Ellum, Dallas
75 and Lesson 7-11 gas station at night

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    • Thanks, Brittainy! That's cool it reminds you of home, I thought it was cool it was still out there in the snow even though it's February.

  • I love these pictures! Even though the days to proceed this storm would become etched in all Texans memory, I believe you captured the peacefulness of Dallas streets and skylines during this historical storm. Good job!!!

    • Thank you! You are right, we ended up having a really hard time from the weather due to pipes breaking and our place flooding. But as you pointed out, there was a moment of peace and beauty as the city was covered with snow.

  • I did just come to see Sam and Nia photos, however, I was drawn into all of the great snowfall photos! Great job on all of the photos, and may your talent(and the Lord's blessing over you and you whole family) take you far!

    • Hello Sammy! Thank you for your interest in buying prints! If you email me at matthew@matthewtrader.com letting me know which photos you want prints of and what size, I'll send you the prices and have them printed for you.

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