Photos: Dallas Storm

Yesterday when I heard about the impending storm approaching Dallas I got really excited, I wanted to get some cool storm photographs. I packed up my camera and dove to downtown Dallas. I found a building I was able to get into and found an empty floor that had been completely stripped bare. I was able to get a few cool pics but there were windows and they were causing too much glare to get good photos of the Dallas Skyline.

Reunion Tower in a Dallas Storm
The W Hotel in a Dallas Storm
Dallas Storm

I got back in my car and drove out to the Trinity River Levy. As I was driving out there I could see the storm getting closer and closer, my heart was pumping with excitement. I was just hoping I didn’t ruin my camera in the process.

A Road on the Trinity River Levy
Trinity River Levy

I didn’t know what that circle of light was coming through the clouds, it looked a little eerie, but I figured if it was really dangerous I would see it do something and it never did.

A Road on the Trinity River Levy

I was able get this really cool shot of the Margaret Hill Bridge through the pillars of another bridge.

Margaret Hill Bridge from the Trinity River Levy

Once I got out there and on top of the levy the view was beautiful! So perfect. I love the Dallas Skyline. I found a great place to sit and take some photos. Here is the best one I was able to get of the storm hovering over the Dallas Skyline.

The Dallas Skyline in a Storm

Then it suddenly started raining, I ran under a nearby bridge to save my new Nikon and while I was there another man walked over to hide under there as well. I said hello and introduced myself to him. His name was Jose, he was finding a place to sleep for the night out of the rain. I felt sad for him but I didn’t know what to do other than just be kind and friendly to him. He was very friendly to me as well. My Spanish-speaking skills really came in handy here. I asked him if I could take a photo of him with the Dallas Skyline behind him. He was reluctant and asked me what I was going to do with the photo. I promised him it was only for me to remember the friend I met that night.

Jose Hiding From the Dallas Storm

On my way back home I stopped and took a few more photos of Dallas in the midst of the storm. The Omni Dallas Hotel had really pretty lights all over it that made it look so cool in the rain with its reflection.

Omni Hotel and Reflection in a Dallas Storm
American Flag and Reunion Tower in a Dallas Storm
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  1. Matthew! Those are amazing photos!!!!! I love the one with the American flag, and the Dallas skyline one. Your work is getting more and more beautiful, great job! Awwww and the story of that older man is so sweet and sad, it is such a good memory and caption of him. I love you!

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