Dallas Winter Storm Photos 2021, A City Covered With Snow

These Dallas winter storm photos 2021 capture the city covered with snow, the Dallas Skyline, Uptown, Old East Dallas, City Place, and 75.

These Dallas winter storm photos capture the Dallas skyline, Uptown, Old East Dallas, City Place, and Highway 75 covered with snow. I drove around Dallas taking photos from several parts of the city. I didn’t want to only capture iconic parts of Dallas. Instead, I wanted to focus on the more mundane places we see often on our commutes. It’s seeing these areas covered with snow that interests me the most.

Though, our iconic skyline did look amazing covered with snow once the fog cleared.

Dallas Skyline with snow after the 2021 Dallas winter storm
Margaret McDermott Bridge in the snow
Dallas winter storm covered highway 75
Lemmon Ave gas station on a snowy day
Dallas winter storm at City Place
Baylor in Uptown covered with snow
The Rustic covered with snow
Tree and trees covered with snow
Park completely blanketed with pristine snow

Residential Areas

I found the residential areas beautiful after the winter storm. The colors of the houses against the white snow looked amazing. That is what I really love aobut when the city is coverd with snow, how colorful buildings pop much more than normal. Even a porta potty looks interesting in the snow to me, haha.

An interesting house in Old East Dallas
An old building with graffiti on it after the winter storm
A camper in the snow
A colorful porta potty in the snow
A street in Old East Dallas covered with snow
Checks Cashed on a snowy day
An interesting house in Old snow East Dallas
A red corvette partially buried with snow
A miniature bottle of Jameson Whisky in the snow
An abandoned mid century grocery story on a snowy day in Dallas
A house covered with snow
Blue and red buildings in the Dallas winter storm

A couple of days ago I drove around downtown at night and photographed the city covered with pristine snow. I posted those photos here: Dallas Snow Storm 2021, Photos Of Downtown And Deep Ellum At Night

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