DFW Photo Expo 2013 Was Engaging, Educational, and Inspiring

DFW Photo Expo 2013 was engaging, educational, and inspiring with several great speakers that taught me a lot about photography.

DFW Photo Expo 2013
DFW Photo Expo 2013

To learn more about photography and grow my skills I signed up to go to the DFW Photo Expo 2013 in Arlington, Texas.

It was pretty cool, I met some cool people there and learned quite a bit from professional photographers. My brother Samuel went with me.

I took some notes from the photographer talks I went to, here are some of the highlights:

Clay Blackmore – Photograph Everyone

  • Natural expressions
  • 2/3 view – don’t let nose crop the eye
  • Camera looks both ways – when you are excited they get excited
  • Poses – basic: head leans with body & feminine: head is tilted different direction from body
  • Camera position, move camera for seemingly different poses, get different angles of same pose with same lighting
  • Turn and tip head towards light
  • Don’t let shoulders be level

Brandon Heiss – Off-Camera Lighting

  • Start with hair light, don’t let light onto face
  • “Manlier” lighting. Two soft boxes with grids pointing opposite at ears

Frank Veronsky – Fashion Images

  • Fashion shoots with a “story”
  • Give model something to do
  • 4 Elements: Light, Background, Gesture, and Subject

Tony Corbell – Power of Light

  • Diffusion in a can – spray fog
  • Lights falls off by the square, law of the inverted square
  • Highlight accent light, two stops below what I’m shooting
  • Understanding Light has two elements: tools & controls
  • Posing: Bend it hard or bend it soft, hard and soft angles
  • Posing: Men – L and C curves, women S curves
  • Daylight rule, ISO match shutter at f16

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