East Texas Landscape Photos Of Pastures, Farms, and Roads

These East Texas landscape photos capture the unique and beautiful scenes of farms, roads, pastures, and life in rural Texas.

Hay bales in an East Texas landscape

These photos capture the views and sights I saw for over 8 years while living in East Texas. The wide-open pastures, long rural roads, and pine forests were great subjects as I was learning to become a photographer. I bought my first DSLR while living in East Texas and it was these landscapes that invited me to grab my camera and capture their beauty.

Landscapes and Sunset

These landscape photos were all taken over a period of 2 years. I took my camera everywhere I went so I would never miss an opportunity to photograph a beautiful East Texas landscape I would sometimes unexpectedly come upon. There were times when I would drive past the same pasture hundreds of times without thinking about it twice. Then one day there will be some clouds in the sky right at sunset transforming that mundane scene into a beautiful sight.

A pine forest in East Texas
Rays of sunlight peering through a pine forest
Hay bale in a pasture at dusk
A beautiful fire orange sunset in East Texas
A red barn on a beautiful farm in East Texas landscape
A lone tree in an East Texas pasture
A cow eating grass at dawn
Sunrise at the end of a long road
Power lines and Transmission towers at Sunset
A tree and moon at night
Trees in a flooded pasture
An East Texas landscape with barbed wire
Power lines and Transmission towers at Sunset
An old house in East Texas
Hay bales in a pasture
A bird flying over a country road
A cow in a pasture
Power lines and Transmission towers at Sunset
An old red barn in East Texas
Dramatic clouds at sunset in the Texas countryside

Foggy Landscapes

I also loved it when the landscapes were foggy. The fog would create a layer of mystery and beauty unlike anything else. I quickly learned that it was actually very difficult to make good landscape photos in the fog. The fog was often either too light that made the photo hazy or too dense where nothing was visible. It had to be at the right place with the right amount of light and fog. To by ready for those perfect moments, I kept my camera by my side at all times.

Morning foggy purple sunrise
A pasture with trees in the distance covered with fog
A foggy country road
A foggy pasture

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  • I just wanted to say that I love your work. You have a real talent and a great eye. Keep up the good work. :)

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