Photos: Galveston – Beautiful Early Morning Seascapes

A trip to a Texas beach town produced incredible photos of some Galveston seascapes and candid moments of people as well.

Galveston Island Seascape with a Rain Cloud (3)

A few weeks ago my family and I went down to Galveston Island, Texas to relax and get away for a few days. While I was down there I was able to get some great photos of people and of the Galveston seascapes. One morning I woke up just before sunrise and headed out to beach near Pleasure Pier. The scene was beautiful, I was able to capture a huge rain cloud in the distance hovering over the sea, it was gorgeous. I was just in how in how beautiful the sunrise was that morning.

Galveston Island Seascape (4)
Galveston Seascapes
Galveston Island Seascape at Sunrise (6)
Galveston Island Seascape at Pleasure Pier during Sunrise (8)
Galveston Island Seascape at Pleasure Pier during Sunrise (9)

The following photos are of my candid street pics I took while down there. With so many interesting people walking around everywhere it was a perfect place to get some good street photography.

Boy at beach on Galveston Island (10)
Galveston Seascapes
Man Riding Bike on Beach on Galveston Island (13)
Man Walking on Beach being followed by Seagull on Galveston Island
Flying Seagulls on Galveston Island

I also brought my kit to allows me to take photos underwater in case I had chance for a cool underwater pic. While I was hanging out at our hotel pool I saw this guys with his tattoos and I thought it would be awesome to get an underwater pic of him. So I asked and fortunately for me he obliged and I was able to get this cool pic of him.

Tattooed Man Underwater on Galveston Island (12)
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