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How to Make a Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

This might seem funny but I love hard boiled eggs and since I have boiled probably hundreds and hundreds of them I have found through trial and error the exact formula to make a perfect all around cooked hard boiled egg.

As always when it comes to perfection it requires a little bit of patience.

  1. First, find a small pan, a saucepan would be perfect, make sure it’s clean.
  2. I usually boil 4 eggs at a time so lets do it with that number, so get yourself 4 raw eggs, I prefere farm eggs, not those tasteless Walmart ones.
  3. Then carefully place the eggs in the pan.
  4. Then fill the pan with cold water, YES! cold water, till the eggs are completely submerged under the water.
  5. Afterwards place the pan on a burner on your stove.
  6. Turn on the heat or fire half way, on medium.
  7. Let the eggs sit there, watch the water for when it begins to boil which will usually be about 5 minutes.
  8. Then as soon as it starts boiling check the clock, let it boil for exactly ten minutes, no less and no more.
  9. When the ten minutes are up, turn off the heat or fire, carefully dump the water into the sink, then refill with cold water, dump again and refill again with cold water, now your eggs will still be kinda hot but not too hot to touch.
  10. then hit the egg against the counter or sink to crack the shell, peel it off and throw it into the garbage. And you’re done!

Don’t forget to eat it!

If you follow these instructions exactly you will find that your eggs will not crack during the boiling process and you sill see once you peel the shell of they are fully cooked even the yoke but not to the point they are all dry and blah tasting. Go ahead! Try it! I dare you!

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