I Confronted A Guy Selling Drugs in My Apartment Complex

For a couple of months Andrea and I noticed random cars parking next to our cars and sometimes in our parking spaces. The cars were always still running with people sitting in them.

Then some young white guy would either walk or drive down from the second floor and get in their car for a minute then go back up. We saw him do this over and over. It became really annoying coming home with total strangers sitting their cars in our spaces.

Of course we figured he was selling drugs to those people.

One day, I saw him get into car next to my truck for a minute then get out and walk to another car on the other side of my truck and sit in that one. After he got out, he walked in front of my truck with me still in it. I got out of my truck and yelled at him to stop having his friends park in my space and to stop selling drugs here.

He was really caught off guard I said that and looked kinda scared. He yelled back, “I don’t sell drugs!” I then pointed right at him and yelled,

“YES YOU DO! I see you do every single night!”

He then ran to his car and drove off. For the past two weeks, I haven’t seen a single random car anywhere near our cars since. Calling him out totally worked. It’s been nice coming home without people sitting in their cars in our parking spaces. It was kinda creepy too. So thankful it has stopped.

Lol, big city life in Dallas.

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