I Like the Night And Its Mysterious Beauty Of Darkness And Calm

I like the night, there’s something beautifully mysterious about it to me; it’s blackness, stillness, coldness, and quietness.

I Like The Night, From the Royal Lane bridge overlooking Manderville Lane in Dallas, Texas
From the Royal Lane bridge overlooking Manderville Lane in Dallas, Texas

When I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for a month, I loved going for hour-long walks through the city at night. I was able to see the city in its rawest form. Lit up by its own electrical lights. It was as if she was so desperately clinging on, afraid to slip off into the abyss of the night’s black.

In nature, away from the city, the moon and stars light gently light up the night sky. Singing the songs of lovers and dreams.

It’s so difficult for me to capture how I see and feel the night. There is so much mystery during those hours when most people are sleeping. Occasionally I like to go out and take photos of all that stillness. To capture the electric light spots on roads leading to places unknown.

This evening, shortly after dinner, I drove back out into the freezing wind and snow to capture this scene that inspired me when I saw it on my drive home from work earlier today. I saw it here in Dallas, from the Royal Lane bridge overlooking Manderville Lane. When I arrived, I parked my car away from the bridge and went walking up the icy narrow sidewalk that ran on the edge of the bridge. I took my Nikon camera out of my backpack, set up my tripod, and observed. It was so cold and windy I couldn’t stop shivering as I was looking through my viewfinder. But I told myself I had to get this photo. I missed so many opportunities in Guadalajara; I will not miss let myself miss more.

After only 10 minutes or so, my fingers went numb. It was time to leave and I went back to my car. When I got back home I sat down and reviewed the photos. There was some slight blur in the photos due to the bridge subtly moving from the wind. I would have used a bit faster shutter. But I was still pleased with how the photos came out. They seemed to possess a touch of some of the qualities of the night I appreciate. Like the darkness and stillness. The snow-covered street help add a nice peaceful touch.

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