The “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” In Indianapolis At Night

The Indianapolis “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” is 284 feet tall. But, the Christmas tree is actually not a Christmas tree…

Indianapolis World's Largest Christmas Tree at Night

The “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” was a must-see on our way to Michigan, we spent a night in a hotel in downtown Indianapolis. Since we didn’t have a chance to do anything “Christmasy” at home before we left, we thought we would stop in Indianapolis and visit its amazing circle of lights. You can read the interesting history about it here.

The “Christmas Tree”

The Indianapolis “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” is 284 feet tall. It was an incredible sight to see in person! But, the Christmas tree is actually not a Christmas tree. It’s their Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument with strings of Christmas lights strewn from the top to the bottom of it on every side. Even though it was not technically a Christmas tree, it was still a beautiful site to see and totally worth stopping for the night to visit it.

Indianapolis World’s Largest Christmas Tree at Night
Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in downtown Indianapolis
Victory on top of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

Colorful Lights

The monument also has lights projecting a variety of colors onto the Christmas Tree that change every several minutes. They call this entire event, the Circle of Lights. I captured some of the color variations showing how cool it looked in the various colors. I love when cities do fun things like this for their citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Indianapolis Circle of Lights with blue lights
Indianapolis Circle of Lights at Night with red lights
The World’s Largest Christmas Tree in Indianapolis at Night with purple lights

Christmas Tree Abstract

To have some fun with the light, texture, and size of the Christmas tree, I decided to try some creative ways to create abstract images of the tree. I used a variety of motion blur techniques to create these photos the included panning and zooming in and out while the shutter was open.

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