Dallas Has Been Really Cold And Icy For The Past Few Days

Oak leaf in the Snow
Oak leaf in the Snow

It’s been so cold in Dallas these past few days, below freezing, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying. I missed work for a couple of days. I had been wanting to go out and take photos of Dallas covered with ice and snow. The icy roads held me back from wanting to get out there and drive around.

I did manage to get out for a bit and take some photos of the ice around my apartment. My fingers felt frozen within minutes after stepping outside. Then I carelessly took a step and slipped and fell right down onto a patch of ice. It hurt, but it was funny too.

All this ice and snow reminds me of my days in Seoul, South Korea. The winters there were extremely cold and icy. I don’t think people in Dallas really know what they are doing when it gets this cold. On my way to work this morning, I took this photo with my iPhone while going through McDonald’s drive-thru. The irony of it struck me as funny, though I know people like using ice all through the year.

Dallas McDonald's sign: buy a bag of ice in the snow
Dallas McDonald’s sign: buy a bag of ice in the snow

I hope everyone is staying warm. I hope we all can take advantage of this slowing down and free time to get some personal projects completed. Projects such as organizing your photos or backing them all up onto your new Verbatim 2 Terabyte Hard drive.

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