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Dallas Skyline at Night
Dallas Skyline at Night

About a month ago I had a great opportunity to speak very popular and somewhat famous wedding photographer, David Beckstead, over the phone for about 20 minutes. In that twenty minutes I learned more about running a photography business than I ever have in my life before. He gave me such good solid tips and advice.
The first thing he suggested to me was for me to drop “infinite magic” as my company name. At first I didn’t like the idea too much because that’s what I had been using as my internet handle and I thought it sounded fun and creative. I listened to what he had to say, He said that people trust people’s names more than they do gimmicky cute company names, people like to know they are hiring YOU and that YOU back up your photography, not some imaginary company name. That made a lot of sense to me.
So I set about completely re-branding myself from “infinite magic photography” to Matthew T Rader | Dallas Photographer. I like that better, much better, since I am the artist and it is my talent that is being hired. It’s been quote a bit of work but I finally feel I have arrived to where I can start running my business as Matthew T Rader.
I’m so excited and looking forward to my photography adventure ahead!
For any questions or if you need a photographer for your story, portrait, wedding, or event:
Please contact me, Matthew T Rader
My photos are also available for purchase as fine art, with optional matting and framing services.
Thanks David!

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