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Matthew T Rader Photographer
Matthew T Rader Photographer by Samuel Rader

Photographer and designer, Matthew T Rader, is the oldest of six children. He’s originally from San Diego, California, and now resides in Dallas, Texas.

When I was 13 my family moved to Wills Point, a small East Texas town so we could live in a bigger house with some land for us to play on. Having experienced both big city and small-town country life gave me a deep appreciation for the many types of lifestyles and cultures people live. Those experiences gave me a passion for travel and getting to know people from all walks of life. Throughout my life, I have lived in many places. Including, 5 U.S. states, Mexico for 4 1/2 years, and Seoul, South Korea for a year and a half. I also had the opportunity to spend a month traveling around southern India.

Learning Photography and Design

My father introduced me to photography and design when I was a young teenager. Both of these were his hobbies. My dad’s photography was centered around documenting our lives. He took numerous photos of us when we’re kids in the 1980s. Many of the photos are beautiful reminders of the life he and my mother provided for us. Watching take those photos and then develop them is what inspired me to be a photographer.

My father also did design by volunteering his time to design newsletters for the Boy Scouts and our church’s weekly bulletins. While growing up, I would sit next to him and watch him design those newsletters with CorelDRAW on a Macintosh SE.

From watching my father, photography and design became my main two interests that followed me all my life.


In 2011, I enrolled in the Emerging Media and Communications program at The University of Texas at Dallas, it was perfectly suited to grow and mature my two passions. My education there enabled me to build upon my life experiences and use them to create meaningful art, reflections, and observations about life and people. In 2019, I completed my Master’s degree in Interaction Design from The University of North Texas which helped launch my career in UX/Product design.

I have had my photography work displayed in a few galleries, a couple of special exhibits, and published in numerous magazines and websites.

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