MOViNG, An Autoethnography Video About My Home In Rural Texas

MOViNG, is an autoethnography video about the house where my family and I lived during my teenage years in Texas that we later abandoned.

This story, told in an autoethnography style, starts off with my family moving from Silicon Valley to a small town called Wills Point in East Texas. We moved during The Great California Exodus, the first time California lost more residents than it gained. This moment coincided with the beginning of the dot com explosion. The long boring country roads we drove on daily reminded me of the long wait to connect to dial-up Internet.

This autoethnography video then centers around the house we all lived in for 17 years. A large house o one acre of land in rural Texas. It was in many ways isolating and boring but we all had each other. Then each person in my family shares a memory about living in that house. That house was the center of our world during those years. Eventually, my parents separated and we all moved out one by one.

20 years after we moved into that house, we all moved out and left it abandoned. It sat there empty for several years until my mom sold it. It was so dilapidated that it was unliveable at this point. The people who bought it tore it down and it no longer exists.

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