My Dream Is To One Day Have My Photos Featured In A Gallery Exhibit

My dream is to one day have my photos featured in a gallery exhibit where people appreciate them enough to buy them and take them home.

My Dream Is To One Day Have My Photos Featured In A Gallery Exhibit

I have fallen in love with photography. The creativity and versatility of it have brought an exciting fullness to my life. I’ve only been doing it for fun for a few years now. Eventually, I would love to someday have a gallery feature my work. From what I have read, it is very difficult to achieve this. It seems so far out of reach to me, but I want to try to get there.

I did a photoshop tutorial and learned how to insert images into another image with perspective. So, I made this composite from a photo of a gallery and put my photos on the wall. I truly hope one day to get to see my work hanging up like that in a gallery. But I want to make sure the art I create is authentic. I created this to manifest my dream.

Merely dreaming is not enough though. I need to set a goal of achieving that and plan how I will actually make it happen. Sometimes that’s hard though, especially with art. I don’t want some goal of success to drive my art. Instead, I want to be driven by the creativity that flows from me. It’s hard to walk this balance. I want that validation of success but I also want to focus on expressing my creativity as is. All the great artists and photographers were far more concerned about being authentic artists than making money.

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