My First Year In Dallas Had Many Changes To My Life And Career

My first year in Dallas brought far more changes to my life and career than I ever imagined it would and I’m very optimistic about the future.

Dallas Skyline From The Trinity River 2010

I moved to Dallas about a year ago. During my first month here I visited a levy of the Trinity River and took this photo of the skyline. As looked at Dallas’s amazing skyline, I was excited knowing this is my new home.

This past year in Dallas has been a very eventful and interesting one. In the past twelve months, I’ve changed jobs twice, moved twice, started a new relationship, and begun my photography company. Though it has been a lot, I’m so grateful and excited for all that has happened. I look forward to another year here in this city.

As I get the ball rolling with my company I hope starts moving forward quickly. I guess that’s how everyone feels about their company. A lot like how everyone thinks their baby is the cutest baby ever, haha!

I relate to that small bird flying over the Trinity River headed for the Dallas skyline. It’s tiny compared to the massive city. But yet it’s moving in the right direction.

In the past year, Dallas has become more than just a city; it’s become a canvas for my journey. This skyline photo from my first month here serves as a snapshot of my excitement and anticipation for a new chapter. Reflecting on the whirlwind of change, from job switches to moving homes and building a photography company, it’s been a wild ride. Gratitude fills me for the experiences, challenges, and growth this city has offered. As my company gains momentum, I find parallels with that small bird over the Trinity River—tiny in the vastness yet confidently heading towards the skyline. Here’s to another year of growth, challenges, and capturing the spirit of Dallas.

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