My Honda Element Is Finally Paid Off! My First Time Paying Off A Car

My Honda Element is finally paid off! I’m so excited because this is the first time I have fully paid off a car and I love this car so much!

2003 Honda Element off roading
2003 Honda Element off roading

Today is such a great day for me!

I made my final payment on my Honda Element EX today. This is the first time I have ever paid off a car and it already feels liberating!

Though my site is primarily about my photography, I have to give some kudos to my Element. It has gotten me to almost all the locations I have photographed.

I bought this 2003 Honda Element 2 years ago with a little over 108,000 miles on it. It now has about 144,000 miles on it. During the two years I’ve owned it, I haven’t had to replace a single part or invest any money into it other than the usual, oil, gas, tires, etc. It’s been an amazing vehicle, a true gift from God. I hope to get another year or two out of it.

Now that I have some extra money freed up I can invest in better and newer camera equipment. Such as the Nikon D700 to create some higher quality photos.

Love your car and appreciate it, and thank God for it, because everything we have is a gift from God.


  1. Dude, I totally feel ya on the car thing. Its almost nostalgic, thinking back to the day I bought my Jeep Cherokee and paid cash for it that day. I hope that the guy I gave it to has put it to good use. Apparently he gave it to his niece, who needed a car, so hopefully she was blessed through it. :)

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