New Media Art Revolves Around Technology And Collaboration

New Media Art revolves around technology, participation, and collaboration as highlighted by Mark Tribe in his new book, New Media Art.

New Media Art by Mark Tribe

One of the most interesting things that I find about new media art is how collaborative it usually is. In the Collaboration and participation section of the book, Mark Tribe emphasizes that one of the big differences between classic art and art made with new media is the collaborative aspect. Historically, people generally attributed artwork to a single artist. Now, in the modern technological age, people frequently attribute credit for an art piece to a group of artists.

A new media artistic team that I really like is Reed + Rader. Rader’s first name is Matthew. We share the same first and last names. I discovered them by searching my name on Google. Their creativity and use of new media intrigued me when I discovered their website. I then friended them on Facebook and now enjoy their updates, we even chat occasionally. I found their creative process to be very fascinating. When they share production photos you see a whole team of people working together to create their art.

What I find interesting about these new art teams is that they may not be groups of purely creative people. They also have mathematicians, software engineers, coders, and other none “creative” type people. People whose skills were rarely used when making art are now required to make digital art. This new form of digital art is often too challenging for just one person. One person typically does not have enough skills required to create modern technological art.

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