New York City Street Photography, The People And Textures Of NYC

New York City street photography is very famous and iconic, the possibilities are endless, I finally had my opportunity to do some of my own.

This was my second trip to New York City. The last time I came here was 15 years ago. The city had changed a lot since then. I have also, I was shooting with a cheap point and shoot film camera last I came.

This time my focus was on doing some New York City street photography. I had never done street photography in NYC, it had been a dream of mine for a long time. Unfortunately, I only had a few days here this trip. Most of the photography I did in NYC was on film. I also had my Canon DSLR with me. I ended capturing some street scenes with it. These photos are the best ones from that camera.

A smoker with his bulldog
An older man and a young main waiting for the bus
Man walking on the sidewalk in NYC
New York City Street Photography
A ghost bike in New York City to honor a cyclist that has died
New York City Subway tiles
Times Square at night in NYC
Radio City Music Hall at night in NYC

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