Exploring The Abandoned Old Purina Plant In Oklahoma City

The old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City sits abandoned and partially demolished, I did some urban exploration and photographed it.

Old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City

The Old Purina Plant

The haunting sight of the abandoned old Purina Plant lies in the heart of Oklahoma City. The plant produced dog food when it was in operation. According to The Oklahoman, Purina built the once 14,000-square-foot warehouse over a century ago and it has remained empty for more than 30 years. Now, its once loud machines, busy halls, and towering structures now bear witness to the passage of time and neglect. Partially demolished and on the brink of disappearing forever, I seized the chance for urban exploration before its complete destruction.

The chaos of the plant’s decay inspired me to wander through its dilapidated machinery and weathered remains. All the walls and windows were broken allowing random beams of light to into this otherwise dark place. Amidst the rubble and debris, I could see fragments of items that workers had used. Most of them were probably used for decades until they were left abandoned.

Urban Exploring The Plant

With my camera in hand, I ran over to the building, exploring and photographing it. I had to do it as quickly as I could. Amazingly, it didn’t have a fence or any other barrier preventing me from walking into it. Because it was mid-day, I feared getting caught and asked to leave the old Purina Plant before I had a chance to take all the photos I wanted.

I wandered around it for about 15 – 20 minutes, the place smelled terrible inside. It was famous for smelling bad to local residents when it was in use. The building had multiple floors and had various staircases leading up to them. But it had already been partially demolished. I didn’t know how safe it was to use them, so I stayed on the ground floor.

Fortunately, I left with these great photos that captured it without any trouble shortly before the demolition was complete.

Old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City
Old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City
Old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City
Old Purina Plant in Oklahoma City


  1. Great stuff, I also explored it and took photos inside shortly after demolition began.

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