Photos: People of the 2011 State Fair of Texas

Stylin at the Texas State Fair 2011
Stylin at the Texas State Fair 2011

My family and I recently went to the 2011 Texas State Fair in Dallas and had so much fun. One of my favorite things about going to the fair, other than the food and just having fun with the family, are all the colorful and interesting people and photographing them.

Young Couple at Texas State Fair 2011

Not everyone there looked like they were happy to be there though, there were plenty of grumpy faces like this guy:

Grumpy man at Texas State Fair 2011

It was also great to take photos of sweet candid moments between parents and children and the expression of anticipation in a young girl’s eyes:

Father & Daughter at the Texas State Fair 2011
Young Girl at Texas State Fair 2011

People in Dallas are so much fun and so down to earth, most of them were very gracious to this photographer by letting me get great pics of them without any complaint or resistance.

This pics is one of my favorites from that day, the words “retro cool” is what comes to my mind when I see it:

Woman with aftro at Texas State Fair 2011

I shot this kid as he was walking up to buy some food. His look and his hat immediately caught my attention and I just said “hey man!” and he just turned around and I got the photograph I wanted:

Teenager at Texas State Fair 2011

No photography trip to a fair is complete without a shot of the Chair-O-Planes, or as it is sometimes called a swing carousel. I’ve seen so many photos of this ride throughout my life that I have loved and I finally wanted to get one myself. I tried to make my own unique take on this one at Fair Park in Dallas:

Chair-o-planes or swing carousel ride at the Texas State Fair 2011

I hope you enjoyed these photos I took of the 2011 Texas State Fair at Fair Park in Dallas, I would love to hear any thoughts or comments you may have about these, thank you!

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  1. Great pictures, Matthew! I especially love the teenager and the chair-o-planes. Also loved the chick with the afro….oh heck! I loved them all! You are truly a talented artist!

    1. Thank you very much Casey, and that’s so interesting. If you could, send her this link, I bet she would really like to see the photo. She smiled at me right after I took it.

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