Unique Perspective Is An Important Part Of Being A Photographer

Unique perspective is an important part of being a successful photographer and artist that helps separate you from other artists.

A Unique Perspective Is An Important Part Of Being A Photographer

Too often in life, we pass by important things.
Let’s pause, change perspective
and see things more clearly.

– Sergio da Silva

I like dandelions, I always have, I have very fond memories of them from when I was a kid. So naturally, I like taking photos of them. Every time I came across a dandelion my perspective was always from above. On one particular day while I was in the countryside just outside of Dallas when I came upon the dandelion above. I thought about my perspective and then wondered what its perspective was. I kneeled down and looked at the world from its angle, I found it to be interesting and fun.

Many people go through life never really challenging their perspective nor trying to see things from the perspective of others. One of the great challenges of photography is to show things, people, weddings, events, etc., in ways that are unique and to give the viewer a renewed appreciation and understanding of the subject.

What are you working on? A relationship, a piece of art, a song, a problem? Try backing away from it and re-approaching it from a unique perspective, I’m sure the results will be eye-opening.


  1. Matthew, I LOVE this blog on perspective…so true! You have such great insight, and I love this dandelion photo. I have many memories as a little girl picking these and blowing them in the wind. I found a quote that is so fitting to gaining a new perspective…. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~Proust, Marcel How often we get bored or discontent with our lives, and keep running to new people, new places…thinking we will find more happiness there. How the grass always looks greener on the other side. When all we need to do is see the people and places around us with a different lens. :)

  2. So true!
    Every year we get a major influx of enormous tarantulas and, like you with the dandelions, has shot them from above. Last year I got down on the road, lying belly flat on the asphalt, shooting the spiders head on.
    It was a completely different experience, and much more compelling photograph…especially in the ones where the tarantulas were rearing up with pincers spread in attack mode!
    My husband and I were laughing, but I thought my sister-in-law might have a heart attack!

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