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Jesse James and Robert Ford Photo Touch Up

Jesse James & Robert Ford edited by Matthew T Rader
Jesse James & Robert Ford edited by Matthew T Rader

I recently saw an article, Does photo show outlaw Jesse James with his killer?, on CNN about a recent discovery and verification of a approximately 130 year old photo of Jesse James and Robert Ford together. I find photos like this absolutely fascinating. At this time they both really trusted each other and had their photo taken together.

Little did Jesse James know that some years later Robert Ford would shoot him in the back of the head to claim a $10,000 bounty on him.

CNN said in their article that, “The original tintype belongs to Sandra Mills, who lives north of Spokane, Washington. She says the photo was passed down to her from her grandmother in 2003 with instructions to sell it and buy some land. Family lore says her ancestors used to shelter James and his gang from time to time. Mills told the Houston Chronicle that she has tried doing selling the photo over the years, but nobody would believe that the image was genuine.”

“I’m just a farm girl, so nobody wanted to listen,” the newspaper quoted her as saying. “We got no respect from anybody.”

Below is the original shared image of Jesse James and Robert Ford, the one above is my edited and cleaned up version. I wanted to keep its very western and grungy feel and look by not cleaning it up too much.

Jesse James & Robert Ford
Jesse James & Robert Ford

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