The Photography I make explores and documents unique people and places around the world and the United States with a focus on Dallas, Texas. Dallas is the focus because that is the city where I live and I tend to photograph whatever is closest to me at any given moment.

I have found it difficult to pinpoint a specific type or style of photography I make. Because when I see something that piques my interest, I photograph it. I carry either one of my cameras with me everywhere I go. Rarely, I give thought to what kind of style I’m attempting to leverage.

My photos can be described as street, landscape, cityscape, portrait, event, nature, abstract, urban exploration, and travel photography. Sometimes, a single shoot has several of these styles interwoven with one another. Depending on the scene, I will make whatever style of photo I think best represents my vision at the moment.

The goal of my photography is to relate an experience, a vision, or narrative to the viewer. To share something with everyone I thought was interesting or beautiful or odd. To hopefully help people see the world through different eyes other than their own. And hopefully to contribute to creating more awareness of the amazing world we live in.

Lastly, is the art of photography. I love the art of it all. The process of having a vision and then creating something from the vision that did not exist before. I have found photography to be the most natural way for me to express my artistic desires and visions. I have learned to not focus on the outcome and whether people like it or not, instead I focus on enjoying the process of creating art.

Please enjoy my photos and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts as you look through them:

Urban Exploration Photos Of An Abandoned House In Martin, Michigan

January 15, 2022

These urban exploration photos are of an abandoned house that’s rotting and decaying in the rural town of Martin, Michigan.

2021 Best Photos: My Top 20 Favorite Photos From This Past Year

December 31, 2021

My 2021 best photos primarily focus on street photography and portraits with a couple of landscape images.

Urban Exploring An Abandoned Hotel On A Beach In La Paz, Mexico

December 5, 2021

Urban exploring an abandoned hotel located on a beach in La Paz, Mexico, with its beautiful decaying architecture, was eerie and fascinating.

Mexico Street Photography, Capturing Everyday Life In The City Of La Paz

November 27, 2021

Mexico street photography, capturing the unique and mundane aspects of everyday life in the desert beach town of La Paz, Baja California Sur.

This Damaged Guardrail Evoked A Sense Of Sadness And Curiosity In Me

October 15, 2021

A damaged guardrail evoked a sense of sadness and curiosity in me every time I drove past it on my way home, I finally had to photograph it.

State Fair Of Texas 2021, Photos Of The Largest Fair In The United States

October 5, 2021

State Fair of Texas 2021, photos of people enjoying the atmosphere, food, and rides at the return of the largest fair in the U.S.

Dallas Skyline Panoramic Photos At Night And During Dramatic Sunsets

August 17, 2021

Dallas Skyline panoramic photos that capture the city’s renowned skyline at night and during dramatic and colorful sunsets.

1952 Packard Patrician 400 Abandoned And Deteriorated In A Texas Field

August 2, 2021

A rare 1952 Packard Patrician 400 sedan sits abandoned and deteriorated in a rural Texas field town as mother nature slowly consumes it.

Rainey Street In Austin At Night Is Both Mysterious And Colorful

July 10, 2021

Rainey Street in Austin at night is full of people bar hopping in the darkness and neon lights, it’s both mysterious and colorful.

Leica M262 Review After Photographing My Niece’s 5th Birthday Party

June 5, 2021

This is a Leica M262 review after photographing my niece’s fun and colorful 5th birthday party, some of the photos are hilarious!

Creative Graduation Photos Of The TAMU Dental Hygiene Class Of 2021

May 12, 2021

Creative graduation photos of the Texas A&M School of Dentistry Dental Hygiene class of 2021 taken in Deep Ellum and Trinity Groves, Dallas

Trees In Lake Ray Hubbard Contrast Starkly Against The Muddy Water

April 27, 2021

The fallen trees in Lake Ray Hubbard become stark silhouettes as they lay in the muddy water with their roots tethered to the shore.

Sam And Nia Family Portraits Welcoming Their Precious Daughter Josie

April 7, 2021

These Sam And Nia family portraits, taken in their home, celebrate the arrival their precious newborn daughter Josie in Heath, Texas

Dallas Street Photography Capturing The City’s Isolation Mid-Pandemic

February 24, 2021

Dallas street photography that documents the isolation of downtown during the pandemic and the remnants of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Dallas Winter Storm Photos 2021, A City Covered With Snow

February 18, 2021

These Dallas winter storm photos 2021 capture the city covered with snow, the Dallas Skyline, Uptown, Old East Dallas, City Place, and 75.

Dallas Snow Storm 2021, Photos Of Downtown And Deep Ellum At Night

February 15, 2021

Dallas snow storm 2021 covered DFW in over 5 inches of snow, here are night photos of downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum covered with snow.

Jefferson Boulevard Street Photography in Oak Cliff, Dallas

January 24, 2021

On Jefferson Boulevard, the blend of American and Mexican culture all along its street is awesome and worth experiencing.

2020 Best Photos: My Top 20 Favorite Photos From This Past Year

January 1, 2021

2020 best photos, these are my top 20 favorite photos. Despite the pandemic, there was no shortage of things and people to photograph.

Snow Piles in Downtown Chicago, Cold Organic Shapes In A Cold City

December 31, 2020

The Snow piles scattered around Chicago really intrigued me, their organic shapes contrasted with the rigid structures of the city.

Empty Streets of Chicago, The Cold Last Two Days Of 2020

December 30, 2020

The empty streets of Chicago in these 30 photos during the very cold last two days of 2020 are stark contrasts between eerie and beautiful.