Street Photography

Seattle Street Photography Of City Life Amidst Tragic Realities

June 19, 2024

Seattle street photography is vibrant and lively but it also reveals the city’s challenges with addiction, mental health, and homelessness.

Seattle Photos: Capturing the City’s Colorful People and Places

June 16, 2024

Seattle photos that capture its vibrant spirit, places, and people, and its beautiful skyline with Mt. Rainier.

Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival Photos 2024

March 17, 2024

The Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade was unusually long but it was still fun and festive despite rain causing attendees to run for cover.

Rural Cuba Street Photography in San Antonio De Las Vueltas

February 14, 2024

Rural Cuba Street Photography in San Antonio De Las Vueltas, a wonderful and culturally rich farming community.

Havana, Cuba Street Photography: Life In The Caribbean Capital

June 2, 2023

Havana, Cuba street photography revealed a city of contrasts, with a rich history and decaying beauty full of amazingly resilient people.

Las Vegas Street Photos: When Workers and Tourists Converge

April 24, 2023

Las Vegas street photos of when workers and tourists converge in the morning light while most people are recovering from the night before.

Salt Lake City Urban Photography, Capturing The City’s Character

March 6, 2023

Salt Lake City urban photography was a challenge to do in such a pristine city, but I was able to find some vibrant textures and colors.

Street Photography in La Paz, Mexico: A City of Texture and Color

November 16, 2022

This street photography in La Paz, Mexico captures the wonderful people, textures, and colors of the Baja California Sur capitol.

Austin Street Photography, Power and Powerlessness in the City

September 26, 2022

Austin Street Photography, a series of photos that capture the coexistence of power and powerlessness in Texas’ weirdest city.

Dallas Street Photography captures the people and character of downtown

May 31, 2022

Dallas street photography captures the people and character of downtown as the day comes to end and everyone makes their way home.

Street Photography Of Downtown Dallas, Life In The City At Midday

April 6, 2022

Street photography of downtown Dallas at midday captures the people and scenes around the city that exist between two chaotic rush hours.

Mexico Street Photography, Capturing Everyday Life In The City Of La Paz

November 27, 2021

Mexico street photography, capturing the unique and mundane aspects of everyday life in the desert beach town of La Paz, Baja California Sur.

State Fair Of Texas 2021, Photos Of The Largest Fair In The United States

October 5, 2021

State Fair of Texas 2021, photos of people enjoying the atmosphere, food, and rides at the return of the largest fair in the U.S.

Rainey Street In Austin At Night Is Both Mysterious And Colorful

July 10, 2021

Rainey Street in Austin at night is full of people bar hopping in the darkness and neon lights, it’s both mysterious and colorful.

Street Photos That Capture Isolation In Dallas Amid The Pandemic

February 24, 2021

Dallas street photography that documents the isolation of downtown during the pandemic and the remnants of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Dallas Snow 2021, Photos Of Downtown And Deep Ellum At Night

February 15, 2021

Dallas snow 2021 covered DFW in over 5 inches of snow, here are night photos of downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum covered with snow.

Jefferson Boulevard Street Photography in Oak Cliff, Dallas

January 24, 2021

On Jefferson Boulevard, the blend of American and Mexican culture all along its street is awesome and worth experiencing.

Empty Streets of Chicago, The Cold Last Two Days Of 2020

December 30, 2020

The empty streets of Chicago in these 30 photos during the very cold last two days of 2020 are stark contrasts between eerie and beautiful.

Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest And March In Downtown

June 14, 2020

The Black Lives Matter protest against police brutality in Dallas inspired thousands of people to unite to end racism and police brutality.

George Floyd Protest Against Police Brutality in Dallas, Texas

June 7, 2020

The George Floyd protest against police brutality in Dallas inspired thousands of people to unite against ending racism and police brutality.