The Photography I make explores and documents unique people and places around the world and the United States with a focus on Dallas, Texas. Dallas is the focus because that is the city where I live and I tend to photograph whatever is closest to me at any given moment.

I have found it difficult to pinpoint a specific type or style of photography I make. Because when I see something that piques my interest, I photograph it. I carry either one of my cameras with me everywhere I go. Rarely, I give thought to what kind of style I’m attempting to leverage.

My photos can be described as street, landscape, cityscape, portrait, event, nature, abstract, urban exploration, and travel photography. Sometimes, a single shoot has several of these styles interwoven with one another. Depending on the scene, I will make whatever style of photo I think best represents my vision at the moment.

The goal of my photography is to relate an experience, a vision, or narrative to the viewer. To share something with everyone I thought was interesting or beautiful or odd. To hopefully help people see the world through different eyes other than their own. And hopefully to contribute to creating more awareness of the amazing world we live in.

Lastly, is the art of photography. I love the art of it all. The process of having a vision and then creating something from the vision that did not exist before. I have found photography to be the most natural way for me to express my artistic desires and visions. I have learned to not focus on the outcome and whether people like it or not, instead I focus on enjoying the process of creating art.

Please enjoy my photos and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts as you look through them:

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