Tea Party Protest And Bailout In Front Of Dallas City Hall In 2009

Tea Party protest and bailout in front of Dallas city hall in 2009 against taxes and government overspending.

Tea Party Protest

I heard that the tea party was having a protest in downtown Dallas by city hall and I was interested in photographing it. It had been years since I’ve been to a protest. I went to this one, not to participate but to document it.

No matter which side people are on a protest, I find the passion and emotion behind them fascinating. All of these people are so passionate about a cause that affects them. It’s moments like this that are sometimes historical and change the course of history. I’ve always wanted to be in a moment like that so whenever I have a chance I attend them to document them.

About The Dallas Tea Party Protest

The Tea Party movement is a movement that was started in 2009 from within the Republican party. They called for lower taxes and a reduction of the national debt by decreasing government spending. Initially, it was dismissed as a fringe fleeting movement but in 2010 Tea Pary members and supporters had a huge impact on who was elected to congress. They became a very vocal and influential right-wing arm of the Republican party.

There were a lot of signs that were very critical of President Obama.

2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest
2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest
2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest

This mother brought her children and they all held up signs protesting government oversending.

Several local new reporters were present to report on the scene.

2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest
2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest

The protestors seemed to be an equal mix of men and women.

2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest
2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest

Tea bags were a huge theme at the protest.


When the protest ended, many of the signs were left behind and thrown in city trash cans.

2009 Dallas Tea Party Protest

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