Photos: 2016 State Fair of Texas on Medium Format Film

This year I bought a season pass to the State Fair of Texas and went multiple times, mostly for my own enjoyment. On a couple of the visits I brought my Hasselblad 500c/m to do the photos. I had with me some back and white Kodak T-MAX 400 film to photograph people, candidly and semi-staged. For color, I brought a roll of Kodak Portra 400 film to capture some scenes and to experiment with some night photos.

After my T-MAX 400 ran out, I took out my color roll and shot away.

The Midway sign lit up in the evening
A couple kids excitedly dressing their Fletcher’s Corny Dogs with mustard
The old Big Tex neon sign during the day

Once it got dark and it was time to go, I shot off my last few pics. I shook the camera as I was taking the last two to create some colorful blurred lines in the darkness. They came out pretty cool.

Fair Park at night

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