Photos: 2017 SoupMobile Christmas Gala for the Homeless

Since 2005 SoupMobile has been putting on an event called Celebrate Jesus at the Downtown Dallas Omni Hotel on Christmas Eve. There they make ‘room at the inn’ for 500 homeless men, women and children. Each guest is showered with love and receives new clothes, awesome gifts, and a 4 course meal served by waiters that paid to be there. They also get to spend the night and wake up in a safe and warm bed. Every year more than 2,500 volunteers show up to help with the event.

For the third year in a row I volunteered to photograph this special and unique event. It is quickly becoming a Christmas tradition for me. I love being at the Christmas Gala on Christmas Eve, it reminds me that Christmas is about giving. These men and women and children that come to stay there, have such little but yet are filled with joy and gratitude. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

2017 Celebrate Jesus SoupMobile Christmas Gala for the Homeless by Matthew T Rader

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