Abandoned Houses Slowly Deteriorating Around Rural North Texas

These abandoned houses around Texas, some look over 100 years old, are slowly deteriorating and allowing nature to eventually overcome them.

An Abandoned House in North Texas
An Abandoned House in North Texas

I’ve driven to Amarillo from Dallas and back nearly 10 times. On this trip, I left earlier than normal to give myself some time to photograph abandoned houses along the way. There are so many houses that looked interesting I had been wanting to photograph. Urban exploring old abandoned homes is one of my favorite things to do.

I was able to get some good photos of a couple of houses. One of them looked like it was built over 100 years ago. When I see them I can’t but help wonder about the families or people that lived in them. I wonder what they were like and what their lives were like living so far out on their own in North Texas.

A decaying house
The inside of an abandoned home
The interior of the abandoned house
A very creepy dilapidated house
An Abandoned House in North Texas
A roof of a collapsed house

This house is really interesting. It was far from the road, so I didn’t go inside of it. The contrast of the bright red unscathed chimney with the brown rotting wood of the collapsing house is cool looking. I bet this was some family’s home on the prairie over 100 years ago. I wish I could easily look up and read about the history of each of these houses.

An old abandoned prairie home in North Texas
An old abandoned prairie home in North Texas
An old prairie home in North Texas

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