Saguaro National Park in Arizona Is A Desert Of Amazingly Tall Cactuses

Saguaro National Park in Arizona is a massive desert full of mountains and amazingly tall cactuses, some of which grow over 40 feet tall.

While traveling by car to California we drove through Arizona and stopped in Saguaro. It was insane how tall that cacti can get, I never knew they grew that tall.

The national park is in Pima County, southeastern Arizona. The park is on 92,000-acres and consists of two areas—the Tucson Mountain District about 10 miles west of the city of Tucson and the Rincon Mountain District. It protects and preserves the Sonoran Desert landscapes, fauna, and flora, including the giant saguaro cactus.

The saguaro cactus is a tree-like cactus species that can grow to be over 40 feet tall. Saguaros have a relatively long lifespan, often living for over 150 years. Surprisingly, might grow their first side arm after when it’s 75–100 years old. But some never grow any arms. A saguaro can absorb and store considerable amounts of rainwater, visibly expanding in the process, while slowly using the stored water as needed. Consequently, this enables the saguaro to survive during periods of drought. Furthermore, the saguaro cactus is a common image in Mexican culture and American Southwest films.

Mountains in Arizona
Saguaro National Park, Arizona
Me standing next to a cactus, based on my height this cactus is about 33 feet tall
A cactus at sunset in Saguaro National Park, Arizona

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