Photos: Bengaluru, India – The City of Technology and Religion

While staying in Hosur for a few days, my host decided to take me up to Bengaluru for a day so I had an opportunity to see that city. I didn’t realize how important that city was in India. It’s considered the Silicon Valley of India. I didn’t get the opportunity to see the various tech companies that it’s known for. Instead, I had my first dosa there. Oh man did I love it. I quickly started falling in love with Indian food.

A Ganesha shrine on our taxi driver’s dashboard

I also got to see how deeply religious the people of India are. I visited areas of the city popular with Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. Unlike in the US, religion is on full display everywhere you go in India. It’s a huge part of the culture. Hindu statues decorate the city while hints of Christian and Muslim religious symbolism can also be seen.

Small cars and large trucks travel side by side on small barely paved roads
Dosa, a delicious and popular Indian food
Roadside construction zone with no signage
Muslim beef butchers in the Muslim area of the city
Colors and patterns of the textiles in India
A Christian church in Bengaluru
A view of a popular shopping area with a giant Hindu statue

More Photos From My Incredible Trip to India:

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