The Cheaters TV Show Busted A Guy In The Bishop Arts District, Dallas

Cheaters TV Show by Matthew T Rader

This is funny! The Cheaters TV show confronted a guy in a restaurant I was outside of on April 1. It would have been a hilarious April Fool’s joke, but it really happened. The show was actually there to bust someone. But I didn’t think it was funny that someone was cheated on. Then again there are rumors that the show isn’t as real as it claims to be. Supposedly, some of the scenes are set up, maybe I witnessed a staged event.

Well, I was walking around the Bishop Arts District when out of the blue a guy dressed like a waiter took off running down the sidewalk and ran right past me. Then following immediately after him, was the entire camera crew of The Cheaters TV show! I couldn’t believe it.

Chasing The Cheater

I started running with the camera crew and even managed to get a selfie with the host, Joey Greco, while running. He was actually really cool and fun about it. These photos aren’t the greatest, it all happened so quickly and it was really dark. Pretty crazy moment nonetheless.

Selfie of Matthew T Rader and Joey Greco

Many other people started joining in running with the camera crew after this guy. It went on for only a couple of blocks until they reached a van with a woman sitting in it. The woman looked pretty upset, I felt pretty bad for her. It was a strange thing to see first hand. It’s entertaining because there’s a bit of drama and comedy going on. But, sadly, someone is feeling hurt and another person is publicly humiliated. I’m not saying I feel sorry for the guy, he shouldn’t have cheated but I still can’t imagine a whole TV crew confronting me at work about something I did in private. If any of that is real.

Cheaters TV Show by Matthew T Rader

The guy loo

Joe Greco from Cheaters
Cheaters show camera crew

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