Photos: Coimbatore, India – Small City with Exotic Food

We made a quick few-hour day trip to the town of Coimbatore. It as a small city but very busy and full of life none the less. I was fascinated by the lack of cars and the extreme pervasiveness of motorcycles and mopeds here.

I did start noticing the dramatic different between the income classes. People seemed to be either extremely wealthy or very poor.

While we were in Coimbatore I told my guides that I would like to try an exotic dish that is uniquely Indian and delicacy there. My guide told me she had the perfect suggestion. She took us to a nice restaurant where we were served lamb brains on a dish. Of course, I had to eat it, I asked for it. I spread it on some crackers and it was actually really good.

More Photos From My Incredible Trip to India:

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