Downtown Dallas Street Photography Capturing The City In Nov 2007

Downtown Dallas street photography focuses on capturing the people and buildings of the Texas city. These photos are from my photo walks through downtown Dallas during the month of November in 2007.

I love going on walks and have been doing it my whole life. Lately, I’ve really been getting into street photography, it keeps me moving, outdoors, and interacting with my environment. Periodically, I go to downtown Dallas and take photos of anyone and anything I find interesting.

Even though Dallas is nothing like New York or Chicago, there are still a lot of interesting moments and scenes to capture in Dallas if you look carefully enough. Sometimes an entire evening of walking around the city will give me a few good photos. But I’m in Dallas and I really want to become a good street photographer and this is the best place for me to do it regularly.

I primarily focus on downtown since most other areas of the city aren’t was interesting except Deep Ellum, which I also photograph occasionally.

Here’s the photos from my recent visit there:

Downtown Dallas Street Photography
Newspaper vending machines
Cadillac mural advertisement and Fountain Place
Homeless man and pigeon in downtown Dallas
Landrys Seafood House West End in Dallas
Downtown Dallas Street Photography
Republic Center Tower II
People waiting for the bus in Dallas

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