Hosur, India Is A Rural City With Beautiful Mystical Tropical Landscapes

Hosur, India is a rural city with beautiful mystical tropical landscapes, colorful homes and buildings, and amazing people.

Hosur, India Is A Rural City With Beautiful Mystical Tropical Landscapes

Immediately after landing in Chennai I got onto a bus and headed towards a town called Hosur located a few hours away. It was a relatively smaller city, with about 200,000 people and not very developed. I stayed with a sweet and open-minded family. The father had converted to Christianity some time ago and his wife and children remained Muslims. I had no sense of conflict about that in their home, they all seem to just love and respect each other.

I was in nonstop awe of Hosur. The wonderful tropical landscapes with a hint of fog and dust had me waking up at dawn every day. The city was mostly an agricultural city. I visited a few farms there that grew flowers to be exported all over the world.

This is the bus I spent most my time riding around in while in Tamil Nadu

The landscapes of Hosur are so beautiful. I had never been to a place like this in my life. I tried to photograph almost everything I was seeing without missing out on being present. At dusk and dawn, there was always either dusk or fog in the air. This gave the landscape a mystical feel.

Hosur, India landscape
A beautiful landscape in Hosur, India
A woman drying her laundry in Hosur, India

Hosur also had extremely colorful buildings and homes all over the city. Each one provides a glimpse of the people who work and live in them.

Homes and buildings  in Hosur, India
a colorful home in Hosur, India
a man cooking in Hosur, India
and old man in Hosur, India

The man below is who so graciously hosted me in his home while I was in Hosur. He had a teenage son that I quickly became friends with named Abdul.

pottery in Hosur, India
A flower farm in Hosur, India

More Photos From My Incredible Trip to India:

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